The 'bag' found in Arpita's house, the explosive Dilip Ghosh with SSC scandal money

The 'bag' found in Arpita's house, the explosive Dilip Ghosh with SSC scandal money

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Dilip Ghosh

After nearly 27 hours of interrogation, State Minister and Trinamool General Secretary Partha Chatterjee was arrested on Saturday morning in the SSC corruption case. On the other hand, around 22 crores in cash, huge amount of gold, foreign currency were seized from the flat of a woman named Arpita Mukhopadhyay in Talliganj. ED claims, SSC corruption is connected with that money. Several pictures of Partha Chatterjee with the woman have also come to light. And after that, the opposition BJP is in full swing. Dilip Ghosh, All India Vice President of BJP has made a serious complaint about the whole episode.

Dilip's sarcasm, 'Partha Chatterjee is a deep water fish'. Not only are crores of rupees stashed away in the house of a close lady, but also a huge property, including multiple flats, in the name of another close lady in Shantiketan. Besides, school (BCM International School) on the land of Tk 45 crore in the name of dead wife in Pingla. Dilip Ghosh also claimed on Twitter, "3 flats and 21 crore rupees have been found in Arpita Mukherjee's name. On the other hand, professor Monalisa Das owns 10 flats in Shantiniketan. The professor repeatedly visits Bangladesh, where she interacts with many people. Again, a bag containing Bangabandhu's photo was recovered from Arpita's house. The roots of this SSC corruption are deep. I won't be surprised if I see the money of corruption spent to feed jihadists or go to Bangladesh in Hawla.''

Partha Chattopadhyay was admitted to SSKM after his arrest in the SSC scam case. ED approached the High Court objecting to the order of the Bankshal Court. Such is the source of news. ED approached the Chief Justice requesting the formation of a special bench at night. The ED alleged that the manner in which the lower court had given this order was not in accordance with the law. However, no order of the High Court has yet come forward in this regard.

Meanwhile, the Trinamool Congress will not take any action against Partha Chatterjee until the allegations are proved. Even, the ruling party of the state has made it clear that he will not be removed from the ministry On behalf of Trinamool Congress, Kunal Ghosh, Arup Biswas and Firhad Hakim informed about this decision of the party. Before that, Abhishek Banerjee held a meeting with these three leaders to finalize the party position regarding Partha Chatterjee. After that Trinamool gave a message to stand by Partha Chatterjee.
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