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Bangladesh Hindu Population; 'Hindus will not be found in Bangladesh if it decreases like this, it will turn into Afghanistan'

Bangladesh Hindu Population,Hindus will not be found in Bangladesh if it decreases like this, it will turn into Afghanistan,Minority populations in Bangladesh,This is what the preliminary report of this year's census and household census says. BNP blamed the ruling Awami League for this. Awami League blames BNP In fact, who or who is responsible.

Bangladesh Hindu Population: According to preliminary reports, Hindus are now 7.95 percent of the total population in Bangladesh In the 2011 census, Hindus were 8.54 percent Buddhists were 0.61 percent It was 0.62 percent in the previous census

Minority populations in Bangladesh, including Hindus, have further declined. This is what the preliminary report of this year's census and household census says. BNP blamed the ruling Awami League for this. Awami League blames BNP In fact, who or who is responsible?

According to preliminary reports, Hindus now constitute 7.95 percent of the total population in Bangladesh. In 2011 census Hindus were 8.54 percent. Buddhists were 0.61 percent. It was 0.62 percent in the previous census.

Compared to the 2011 census, the Hindu population in this census is 0. 59 percent decrease.

According to this census, 91.04 percent of the country's total population is Muslim. In the previous census it was 90.39 percent. Muslim population has increased In this year's census, the total population of the country is 16 crore 51 lakh 58 thousand 616 people.

Continually decreasing:

According to the census, Hindus accounted for 22 percent of the total population in 1951, 18.6 percent in 1961, 13.5 percent in 1974, 12.1 percent in 1981, 10.5 percent in 1991, 9.2 percent in 2001 and 2011. 8.54 per cent per annum.

Kajal Debnath, presidium member of Hindu Buddhist Christian Oikya Parishad, said, "If we take the 1974 census as a base, then the percentage of Hindus is more than 13 percent of the total population." And now it has been in seven parts. Then another five percent of Hindus are missing. It is fatally unfortunate.'

Rana Dasgupta, general secretary of the same organization, said, 'If this continues, the existence of Hindus will not be found in Bangladesh in the future. Bangladesh will become Afghanistan.

Reasons for decreasing like this:

In this context, Kajal Debnath said, "Not all the news comes in the newspaper, according to me, there are at least 8-10 attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh every day. They are being evicted. Leaving this country. If you go to a village where Hindus used to have 100 houses, now they have 10 houses. Hindus are being systematically attacked on the pretext of insulting religion. But the police are not taking action in any case. I will blame the state for this. Now the government in favor of the liberation war is in power, they are also not taking any action.

Rana Dasgupta said, "In the last 10 years, there have been more than 10,000 attacks on Hindus." In 2011, the current government constituted a judicial commission of inquiry into the persecution of minorities in 2001 and thereafter. We submitted more than 5,000 incidents of assault and torture with evidence. But the report of that commission has not seen the light of day.

What the research says:

Dhaka University Economics Department Professor and Researcher Dr. Abul Barakat said, "I showed in my research that 500 Hindus are leaving the country every day. That was the 30-year average. They continue to leave this country. We don't know where they are going. That they are decreasing in proportion to the increase in population is also proved in the latest census.

He further said, 'They are becoming homeless, landless due to law and torture. Being evicted from the land. The attacks on them never stopped. What you are seeing now is that the intensity of attacks and torture has increased due to lack of action.

Dr. Abul Barakat said, "In the case of Narail, I saw a Hindu saying: They beat my father, but why did they burn the house?" If you feel yourself in the place of that Hindu, then you will understand his pain You can understand why Hindus leave the country.

Political Debates:

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said, 'Hindus have decreased in Bangladesh due to the seizure of their wealth and forced them out of the country. And this was done by the people of the current ruling party Awami League. BNP's organizing secretary Syed Emran Saleh told Prince Deutsche Welle, "Awami League and the government are because of the persecution of Hindus. Immigrating. Taking possession of their houses and property. Awami League considers Hindus as their sole property They only use them on polling days."

Hindus have decreased in all censuses after independence. It has also decreased during the BNP period. In response, he said, "BNP's time has decreased, it does not have any correct information." When reminded of the decrease in 2001, he said, "Before that, Awami League was in power once. The events of that time have been reflected in that census.

In response, Awami League joint general secretary Mahbub ul Alam Hanif said, "BNP has become a corrupt political party." They are blatantly lying. When has Awami League occupied the homes of Hindus anywhere? The Hindu community has always been victimized by BNP-Jamaat in this country. Not far away, 13-year-old Purnima was gang-raped by BNP terrorists in front of her parents in 2001 for the crime of voting by boat. At the same time, two thousand Hindu women were raped by BNP terrorists in Lalmohan, which is dominated by Hindus. From 2001 to 2006, they brutally tortured Hindus. We have no information about leaving the country. Even then, if someone has left the country, then they have left because of torture during the BNP.

But the current census is the last 10 years! This time the Awami League is in power! Why is still reduced? Answering this question, he said, "You have to keep in mind, the population growth among us Muslims is not the same as the population growth of orthodox people. Our mullahs still encourage to have more children in waj. Mufti Ibrahim has 11 children. He wants to have more children. A section of Muslims. Not yet aware, so birth rate is high. Birth rate is low because of awareness among Hindus. So it cannot be said that their numbers have decreased because they left here."

Protection of Minorities Act:

The Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Parishad has once again demanded the formation of the Minority Protection Act and the Minority Commission. Kajal Debnath said, "Before the 2018 elections, Awami League's manifesto was supposed to make a protection law." Rana Dasgupta said, "If there is a law and a commission, minorities will at least have a place to complain, demand investigation and give information." However, Law Minister Anisul Haque earlier told Deutsche Welle, 'We are not thinking about the Minority Protection Act. We are working on the Witness Protection Act.'

(Special note: The report is taken from Deutsche Welle. That report is quoted. No representative of Hindustan Times Bengal wrote this report.)

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