If the Bible and Gita are memorized, the sentences of the prisoners will be reduced - Pakistan

If the Bible and Gita are memorized, the sentences of the prisoners will be reduced

The prison authorities of the country's Punjab province have made a novel proposal to reduce the sentences of convicts in Pakistani jails. But this proposal is only for minority community prisoners.

If a prisoner from a minority community memorizes their holy scriptures, the sentence will be reduced. The Punjab Home Department has sent such a proposal to the Chief Minister.

sent a summary to relax prison terms of three to six months for Christian, Hindu and Sikh prisoners in provincial jails. It is proposed to memorize the scriptures.

A senior official said that it has been proposed to reduce the sentence if Christian and Hindu prisoners memorize their holy books Bible and Bhagavad Gita.

In this case, the period can be relaxed up to three to six months. There is already a provision to reduce the sentence of Muslim prisoners from six months to two years if they memorize the Quran.

This official also said that if everything is fine, the matter of reducing the sentence of Hindu and Christian prisoners will be determined by the Home Department.

It is to be noted that in March, the Lahore High Court sent a report to the Punjab government regarding the reduction of the sentences of minority prisoners.

Where it was said that Muslims have been exempted under Rule 215 of the Pakistan Jail Rules 1978. In that case, similar exemptions are requested for prisoners of other religions.

The applicant was a Christian. At present there are about 34 jails in Punjab, where the number of minority prisoners is about 1188.

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