Shailkupa Hindu Attack - Attack on Hindu house in Shailkupa, complaint filed in police station

A Hindu house in Shailkupa upazila was attacked. The terrorists attacked without receiving the subscription.

A Hindu house in Shailkupa upazila was attacked. The terrorists attacked without receiving the subscription.

Another Hindu house was attacked. This time the incident happened in Shailkupa of Jhenaidah. An attack was carried out on a Hindu house in Kamaria village of this upazila. Deda's loot went with it. A complaint has been filed in the Shailkupa police station but no one has been arrested yet.

Muntasirul Islam, Superintendent of Police said the incident took place on Monday night. After that, a person named Ratanchandra Kundu, a member of Ward No. 8 of Dhalharachandra Union, lodged a complaint at Shailkupa Police Station. A case has been filed against 32 people who may be involved in this incident. The houses of each of them are some distance away from the scene. Bogra and Ratnat villages, which are about six to seven kilometers from Kamaria, are said to be the residences of all the accused.

The main accused in this case is Bogra Union Council. Farid Munshi. Ratanchandra Kundu told the police station that the attackers entered the village that day with indigenous weapons. They asked Dev Kumar, a tea seller of the village, as a contribution of three lakh rupees. When Dev Kumar refused to give it, he was severely beaten. Then a fertilizer trader Bikash Mandal was returning from Langalbandh market, when miscreants robbed him of one lakh and twenty thousand rupees. The assailants also beat up the businessman after taking away the money. Then they entered different houses and started looting while abusing them in inaudible language. From gold jewelry to cash, they grab whatever they get.

Ratanchandra Kundu told about the whole incident that a group of miscreants often come to the village and attack in this way. Demanding a subscription. And if the subscription is not paid, the beating starts. After this incident, Jhenaidah Awami League President and Parliament Abdul Hai went to the spot. He advised the victims to be reassured and not panic. On behalf of the police station, the Superintendent of Police said that they are looking at the case with special importance. Police are searching various places to arrest the accused.

Just a day before this incident, a group of miscreants attacked eight Hindu houses in Kamaria village. In addition to looting. A total of 15 people were seriously injured in this incident, including women.

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