The debut of the new political party 'BSP' in Bangladesh

The debut of the new political party 'BSP' in Bangladesh letest news, Bangladesh Sanatan Party (BSP), Sanatan community, Jatiya Party chairman GM

A new political party named Bangladesh Sanatan Party (BSP) has emerged with the aim of 'protecting the existence and political rights' of the Sanatan community.

The team made the official journey through a discussion meeting at the National Press Club on Friday. Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader welcomed the party on the occasion.

At the end of the discussion meeting, businessman Sushant Chandra Barman was nominated as BSP president and lawyer Suman Kumar Roy as general secretary.

In his welcome speech, BSP member Santosh Mahato said, “The present government has completely failed to provide protection to the Sanatan community. The traditional community is deprived of all the privileges of the state.

"Since there is no real representation of the Sanatan community in the Great National Parliament, there is no justice for the various atrocities on this community."

He promised that the Bangladesh Sanatan Party (BSP) would play a constructive role in protecting the 'existence' of the Sanatan community in the days to come.

BSP Member Secretary Advocate Suman Kumar Roy said, "The traditional community of Bangladesh will not be used as a vote bank for any political party in the coming days."

"In the future, the political party that will work to protect the existence of Sanatan community and establish Sanatan political rights, Sanatan community will also be with them."

BSP convener Sushant Chandra Barman, demanding fair trial for all the communal tortures since 2001, said, "I request the kind attention of the honorable Prime Minister to keep a watchful eye on the matter so that such heinous incidents like Ramu and Narail do not happen in the future."

Hindus are being 'persecuted' in rural areas

Jatiya Party chairman GM Quader, who was a guest at the meeting, said, "Awami League has done one thing in a subtle way, that is- it has behaved like protecting Hindus by providing various privileges to those among you who are prestigious, educated, upper class."

"Those who are giving little privileges are insulting Ershad Saheb, Jatiya Party and Awami League day and night. But the common people, who are living in Grameganj, are not able to live there safely, that is the reality.”

Commenting that the minorities are being "oppressed in various ways", Kader said in the chief guest's speech, "Their land is taken away, cows and goats are taken away. They are unjustly oppressed. At the end of the day, they don't feel safe in this country, it's sad. We have always protested against it."

Deputy Leader of the Opposition in Parliament GM Quader also alleged that people of the Hindu community were being tried to seize their property by filing false cases under the Digital Security Act for 'reason-for-no reason'.

“Someone tries to occupy their houses by posting something on Facebook and naming them as Hindus. There is no punishment for these incidents. There is no punishment, the reason is that all the recent incidents related to these misdeeds, which have come before us, have been committed by the leaders and workers of various levels of Awami League.

Alleging that religious minorities are being 'targeted' and tortured to grab their property, the Jatiya Party chairman said, "What I have seen since independence - the oppression of Hindu traditional people is the poor, the innocent, those who stay away from the villages, those who are concerned by the administration. Sight cannot be given; Those who are prestigious in those areas, they consume people's property in any way, oppress the helpless people. Their target is the minority community.”

Addressing the leaders and workers of the new party, GM Quader said, "I welcome you for taking the initiative to form an organization. That being said, when everyone works together, if those of you who are at the top are with you, you will all be a strong organization together.

"Then with this power you will be able to suppress the evil power. By suppressing the evil energy, you can save your wants and rights. We will stand by you.”

All Sectors 'Arena of Corruption'

Highlighting the current situation of the country, GM Quader said, "The government is running by the grace of God, no one seems to be running it." I don't think anyone is running the situation in Bangladesh. The government is running for the sake of Allah.”

Commenting on the decision to save electricity by closing the government office as 'ridiculous', he said, "If the government office is kept closed for seven days due to electricity, then at least people can be freed from the problem of bribery." People will be able to get rid of the trouble of commuting and the trouble of paying bribes.

“Corruption is rampant in all sectors. There is talk of electricity in it, electricity goes out sometimes. Talking about fuel, fuel has to be bought at a higher price than the price of oil. These two sectors are the arena of corruption. All sectors have become the arena of corruption. Those two are such big secret arenas that ordinary people don't know."

Having worked in the energy sector for a long time, he received information about corruption from his acquaintances, the Jatiya Party chairman said, "I have a long experience in the oil sector... I get a lot of news. There is widespread corruption in the energy sector. Where the price was increased, the tax could be reduced slightly. Ershad Sahib did not charge tax on fuel.”

'State religion Islam, supported by Awami League'

Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader claimed that the neutrality of religion mentioned in the constitution has not been violated in any way.

"The state religion is Islam, where it says discrimination - 'all other religions will be guaranteed equal rights' - it says but discrimination has been abolished. Religious neutrality has not been violated."

Criticizing the government, GM Quader said, "When injustice is done to the minorities, especially the Hindus, then they want to distance themselves a little by putting the blame on the constitution. At the same time, when they introduced the Fifteenth Amendment, they changed the constitution extensively, but they did not delete this article.

"They are accusing Ershad Sahib and the Jatiya Party of being the root of all the miseries and oppression of all minorities by Islamizing the state religion. The reality is that they also supported it, held it forward.”

Hero freedom fighter Manoranjan Ghoshal was the main speaker in the meeting.
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